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History of NMT

History of The National Municipal League of Thailand (NMT)

       The National Municipal League of Thailand (NMT) is a government agency which manage all districts of Thailand, including Bangkok and Pattaya. This agency is a part of Ministry of Interior. In 1959, Mr. Chamnan Yuwaboon, the Mayor of Bangkok, came up with an idea to found NMT. He was the leader of the delegation of Bangkok to visit the 24th conference of International Federation of Municipalities at Berlin, Germany. While he was in Germany, he learned how important the Municipal League is.

          After he went back to Thailand, he brought a lot of information and knowledge about Municipal Leagues of other countries, and his operation is a great beginning for current NMT.

          October, 1059, after many government authorities knew the importance of Municipal Leagues, they form a great conference, including the presidents of various agencies in Thailand. They agreed to found The National Municipal League of Thailand, and Mr. Chamnan Yuwaboon was the first president of NMT.

          Firstly the status of The National Municipal League of Thailand is a corporation, which can be processed with the laws. Mr. Chamnan Yuwaboon saw the long-term opteration, so he complainted for NMT to be registered as an association in December 11th, 1959. The Ministry of Education considered Mr. Chamnan's complaint and made NMT an association in March 7th, 1960."